Jim Sonefeld & Sister Hazel

Rock 4 Recovery: Spreading Awareness and Hope through Music

August 25, 2023
Music has the power to bring people together, heal, and spread awareness about important causes. This is precisely what the Rock 4 Recovery concert, organized by the LRADAC Foundation, aims to do. The annual concert provides excellent entertainment and raises funds and awareness about addiction recovery.

The Mission Behind the Concert

The LRADAC Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and families affected by substance use disorders, spearheads Rock 4 Recovery. The concert is an opportunity for the foundation to create a fun, safe, and inclusive space for the community to unite and support people in recovery. The foundation’s mission is to empower people to rebuild their lives and overcome addiction’s challenges. The Rock 4 Recovery concert is one of the many ways it works toward achieving that goal.

Along with the opioid epidemic, the fentanyl crisis, and rising overdose rates, alcohol and misuse of other primary substances like marijuana, methamphetamine, heroin and cocaine are constant challenges for people and families in our communities. The LRADAC Foundation is committed to reducing the stigma around these addictions and supporting those who need it.

Rocking for a Cause

People from all walks of life attend the Rock 4 Recovery concert for a fun—substance-free—evening while supporting an important cause. The concert has featured national recording acts like Sister Hazel, Jim Sonefeld, and Edwin McCain. This year’s concert will feature chart-topping recording artist Taylor Dayne.

But Rock 4 Recovery is not just about music. The event includes a fantastic array of food vendors, concert merchandise, motivational speakers, and an opportunity to learn about recovery services at LRADAC. The concert’s proceeds go to the LRADAC Foundation’s programs and services that provide education, treatment, and recovery support for individuals and families affected by substance use disorders.

Making a Difference

Rock 4 Recovery is a success, thanks to the enthusiasm and support of the community, generous donors and the LRADAC Foundation. The concert’s fun atmosphere and powerful message create a ripple effect beyond the event. By raising awareness and funds, the LRADAC Foundation can continue to provide crucial services to individuals and families affected by addiction.

Music has a unique way of bringing people together, and when used for a good cause, it can make a significant impact. The Rock 4 Recovery concert proves that we can make a difference in people’s lives when we come together and support each other. Let us continue to spread awareness and hope through music and support organizations like the LRADAC Foundation that are making a real impact on people’s lives.

LRADAC is the designated alcohol abuse and drug abuse authority for Lexington and Richland Counties of South Carolina. The public, not-for-profit agency offers a wide array of prevention, intervention and treatment programs in locations convenient to residents of both counties. The agency has a budget of approximately $10 million and serves more than 5,000 clients per year.