The LRADAC Foundation: Recovery Scholarship Fund

May 1, 2019

In December of 2011, LRADAC realized that the ability to pay was often a challenge for individuals and families in the Midlands seeking treatment for substance misuse disorders. That’s when the LRADAC Foundation (formerly known as the Healing Families Foundation) was created in an attempt to provide support for those ready and willing to start their journey toward recovery but who needed assistance in doing so. By supporting families and programs offered at LRADAC, the foundation works diligently to reduce substance misuse – a leading cause for family collapse and harm to children.

Unfortunately, 1 in 8 people suffer from a substance misuse disorder and only 10% receive the treatment that they need. According to SAMHSA’s 2017 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 30.3% of people ages 12 and older who perceived a need for treatment (but did not follow through) cited that they had no health care coverage and could not afford the often staggering costs associated with treatment. At LRADAC, the average outpatient treatment cost is $1,500 and the average cost for intensive outpatient treatment is around $2,500 for one individual.

However, we believe that all individuals and families should have access to our services without financial barriers. That’s why the Recovery Scholarship Fund was developed in 2012 as a way to ease the financial burden on individuals seeking services at LRADAC. Scholarships allow patients in financial distress to apply for aid and to more fully participate in the services available for them and their families.

To qualify for this form of aid, patients must fall 130% below the federal poverty level. During the intake process, qualified individuals are then presented with an application for financial assistance. Patients must successfully complete services at LRADAC before their treatment can be paid for in full. At its core, the scholarship fund works to create a community that embraces recovery and that provides support for those who are thinking about taking their first steps toward recovery.

To learn more about the LRADAC Foundation and how you can play a vital role in supporting someone’s recovery, visit . For more information on the Recovery Scholarship Fund, contact Patient Accounts at (803) 726-9293.

LRADAC is the designated alcohol abuse and drug abuse authority for Lexington and Richland Counties of South Carolina. The public, not-for-profit agency offers a wide array of prevention, intervention and treatment programs in locations convenient to residents of both counties. The agency has a budget of approximately $10 million and serves more than 5,000 clients per year.