Learning to Love Yourself: Preventing Burnout

Learning to Love Yourself: Preventing Burnout

February 21, 2023

By Hailey Kanipe 

We’ve all been there — just trying to make it to the end of the week, so desperate for any opportunity for a break. You’re stressed, overwhelmed, and maybe even sad. You need help to stay focused and put forth your best effort at work. You may have even thought about quitting or starting an entirely new job. In these moments, do you desire to leave? Probably not. You might feel the effects of “burnout” or “compassion fatigue.”  

According to Mayoclinic.org, “burnout” is “a state of physical or emotional exhaustion that also involves a sense of reduced accomplishment and loss of personal identity.” 

Similarly, “compassion fatigue” is defined as “stress resulting from helping or wanting to help people who are experiencing trauma or suffering” (GoodTherapy.org).

The same problem causes both types of stress. As professionals and caregivers, we must remember how to care for ourselves. Just like on an airplane, when oxygen masks drop, we must take care of ourselves before we can help others. 

So, how can you prevent burnout and compassion fatigue? Here are a few tips!

5 Tips to Prevent Burnout<br />
and Compassion Fatigue

This February, focus on learning to love yourself to prevent burnout and compassion fatigue. Learning to relax, rest, and recharge is essential to serving your community through your work. In the words of my favorite self-care quote, “Self-care is giving the world the best of you, not what’s left of you” (Katie Reed). 

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