I am a person in long-term recovery.

September 10, 2020

My name is Lakeysha, and I am a person in long-term recovery.

What that means is that I haven’t used any mood or mind-altering substances since August 29th, 2012. In 2005 I lost my significant other, and addiction took over my life, resulting in the loss of employment, housing, my driver’s license and almost my children.

Due to my decisions, I found myself in a revolving cycle of going in and out of jail. During my last incarceration, I decided that this wasn’t the life I wanted to live, and it was then that I made the necessary changes. With the help of treatment centers, 12 step support groups, recovery housing, family support, therapy and the desire for better, I overcame my battle with prescription pain killers.

Today, I am currently a peer support specialist at LRADAC in withdrawal management, also known as detox, where I serve various populations from young adults, HIV, veterans, homelessness and more. I am allowed to support, cheer on and advocate for people who are struggling to find their way, and I LOVE it! I am currently enrolled in college working on my associate’s degree in Human Services, and in 2019 I received a pardon by the state of South Carolina.

I choose this profession to give back to those who resemble me and my past struggles, to give them hope that you can get through this monster called addiction and be everything that you desire to be.As always, you can show your support for recovery by planting a seed for The LRADAC Foundation. Every dollar goes toward supporting programs and patients in need of services. Visit https://lradac.org/foundation/ to learn more!

LRADAC is the designated alcohol abuse and drug abuse authority for Lexington and Richland Counties of South Carolina. The public, not-for-profit agency offers a wide array of prevention, intervention and treatment programs in locations convenient to residents of both counties. The agency has a budget of approximately $10 million and serves more than 5,000 clients per year.